Relationships Matter.

Going above and beyond is just where Dr. Lewis and his team begin when it comes to your comfort and health care at our offices in Seattle. From the moment you walk in to your appointment, our guests are greeted with a caring staff, state-of-the-art modern facilities, and the peace of mind that when you visit us, you're in the best hands.

Nancy's Testimonial

"I didn’t know what good dentists were until I found Dr. Lewis…[Because of all my dental issues] I never smiled and I really wasn’t all that happy and I just molded my personality around that situation. I think the biggest reason that my major dental work was successful was because I trusted Dr. Lewis…As a result of this dental work I learned how to smile and be happy again and I continue to develop into who I was before. The work Dr. Lewis did on my teeth changed my life."

What Our Clients are Saying

From Maura


The staff is so nice, and always make me feel comfortable. I have really sensitive teeth and the technicians are always willing to help with that during cleanings. Dr. Andy is the best! He is really kind and has the best and most up-to-date information regarding any dental needs. I'd recommend him to anyone!

From Matthew


Dr. Lewis is absolutely amazing! He is dedicated to his profession and is an absolutely amazing craftsman when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. He is extremely gentle and such a caring person. He has the best staff and you can tell everyone loves to work with him. His office has such positive energy and I always feel like I'm be well cared for. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend Dr. Andrew Lewis.

From Lucretia


I have been seeing Dr. Lewis for over 5 years now. He is an outstanding dentist; his major focus is on prevention rather than intervention, and he always gives his patients the choice of getting minimally invasive treatments rather than more invasive ones. He is very knowledgeable, careful, methodical, and extremely precise. I highly recommend him!

From Ratha


I've been seeing Dr. Lewis for more than 10 years. He has never recommended unnecessary work - in fact, my first visit was a second opinion when another dentist wanted to do a crown; Dr. Lewis had advanced imaging tools which enabled him to say that the dark spots were "inactive" decay. 10 years later, when that molar finally cracked apart, I was happy to get my first crown from him. Thanks to meticulous records, we know exactly how fast my overall wear is progressing, and I feel in control of my dental health. Everyone at the office is both professional and friendly, plus the little bonuses - covered parking, beverages in the waiting room, treatment chairs with a view over Lake Union. Doing it right!

Justin's Testimonial
“Before I had the restoration work done on my teeth, I’ll be honest — I was a mess. I couldn’t chew or smile. I looked like a hockey player…I was afraid I was going to need implants and have to deal with that for the rest of my life but Dr. Lewis definitely prefers to work as much with the natural  structure of the teeth as he can. He was actually able to save the roots of the teeth so that I didn't end up needing implants at all…I am so grateful that he did a fantastic job and for the first time since the accident, I could finally smile again…This sort of restorative work is absolutely more of an art than a science, and Dr Lewis is a VERY skilled artist!"